Range Rover Evoque Review

The car that transformed Land Rover’s reputation. When the Range Rover Evoque was released, the brand went from farmers to footballer’s wives. The brand was previously associated with the upper class, the off roaders and the practical, boxy designs. But the Evoque brought something new to the class, glamour.

On the roads since 2011, it’s known for being the fastest selling car in the UK and today, it still holds its charm. 800,000 sales since its inception is quite the impressive number and as soon as you sit inside, it’s easy to see why.

The interior is plush and classy, even with the entry level models, and a cabin packed with tech makes for a nifty and enjoyable experience. Despite it being the smallest model made by Land Rover, you won’t find yourself short of space or cramped in the Evoque.

It may be a small SUV, but the exterior is still charming, slick and structured. A refined version of the classic Range Rover with extra curvature and style, you’ll be sitting higher than you would in competitors with an elevated cabin.

The drive is as good as you’d expect from Land Rover and depending on the model you choose, you may get a range of extra driving options to help you out in difficult terrains such as mud, gravel and snow.

Even the most entry level Evoque comes with plenty of kit and exciting add-ons. As you go up the spectrum, you can choose from different trims, extra infotainment screens plus a whole host of other added extras.

If you’re looking for a car that crosses the bridge between style and performance, this is the car for you.

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