Should I Sell My Car?

Selling your car is not always an easy decision to make, as we can become very reliant upon and very attached to our vehicles.

Whether you are considering selling to upgrade to a different or to ditch driving altogether, there are questions you can ask yourself to make sure you can say “I want to sell my car” with confidence.


Can I Afford to Keep My Car?

Owning a car is not cheap. There’s insurance, tax, the cost of fuel and MOT and maintenance fees, and if you are experiencing financial difficulties, selling your car will mean that you not only get cash upfront fast, but it also means that you could save yourself over £1,000 in vehicle running costs a year.

If you have purchased a car on finance and are now struggling to make the repayments, you may not have to wait until your contract term is over to sell the car. Technically, the vehicle will still belong to the finance provider, and is therefore not yours to sell until the finance has been settled, but Kent Car Buyer can offer to settle it early for you, deducting this amount from our valuation of the vehicle and relieving you of the financial burden.


Is My Car Still Fulfilling My Needs?

A common reason for people wanting to change their vehicle is the occurrence of an important life event. This could be moving home, starting a new job or having a baby. These events may alter your requirements and priorities.

You may not need to travel as far, or you may want something better suited to long-distance commuting, or you may want to switch to car that is more spacious or packed with safety features to accommodate your expanding family.


Will My Car Still Be as Valuable in a Few Months?

While certain makes, models and trim levels hold their value far better than others, the general rule is, the newer a vehicle is, the quicker its value is likely to decrease. If your car is under three years old, you might not want to hang around for too long thinking about whether or not to sell for too long, as you could lose out on money.

If you have an older car, you may be able to afford to think on the decision a while longer and may even benefit from waiting for the right time of year to sell. Demand for certain types of cars fluctuates, so 4x4s will become more valuable as Winter approaches, while the best time to sell your convertible is when the weather starts to get warmer.


If you are considering selling your car and would like some expert advice, get in touch with Kent Car Buyer today!