Things to Consider When You Apply for a Car Valuation

Before you sell your car, it is wise to get a valuation, so you have an idea of how much you can expect to receive.

Here are some things to consider at this stage…

Get a Free Car Valuation

You should never need to be charged for a vehicle valuation when there are a multitude of providers who will quote for free!

To receive your free, no obligation valuation from Kent Car Buyer, simply fill in our quick and easy online application form.

Not All Valuations Will Be the Same

Many car buying companies will use the same or similar data to generate quotes but they may also adjust the average valuation according to their business models. Car dealers tend to want to make a significant profit because they will most likely be selling the vehicle to another retailer, while large, national companies often have sizeable overheads to cover. Due to this, they may lower their valuations.

This is where Kent Car Buyer is special. We are a local, independent business which doesn’t have to worry about dealing with huge overheads, and we keep our valuations competitive.

Valuations Are Not Necessarily Accurate

There are so many makes and models and trim levels available and vehicles will be treated and customised differently by different owners. This means that every car is unique. This makes it almost impossible to provide a completely accurate valuation without a full assessment of the vehicle.

Be wary of raising your hopes, particularly with online car buying sites which provide computer generated, ball-park figures based on few details. Some will even specify in the fine print that their valuations are based on certain assumptions, for example, that your vehicle is in good condition with no damage, or that it has had a recent MOT, so it is not uncommon for the actual price to be lower than the original quote.

At Kent Car Buyer, we ask for a number of details to form a thorough picture of your vehicle. Rather than automating a figure, we carefully research every individual car to provide the most accurate value possible, so you shouldn’t be disappointed when we inspect your car.