Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Review

What do you buy if you want something more savage than a standard GTI, lighter than a Golf R and more accessible than a Golf Clubsport S? You get the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR of course!

The TCR is an updated version of the current Mk7.5 GTI Performance. It has a locking differential as standard, a 20mm lower ride height than the standard GTI, and only comes with the dual-clutch DSG box. The gearbox itself is actually the same version used in the racing cousin of this car, that might make you miss the third pedal a bit less.

The Volkswagen Golf TCR is only limited by time, it’s a final hurrah for the MK7.5 Golf before the MK8 makes its way onto the scene in late 2019. As such, it boasts a 44bhp boost over the GTI Performance, now offering 286bhp. All that power is still pushed through the front two wheels, we know the car can take it though, as the two-seat special Clubsport S produced more than 300bhp without complaint.

To deal with the added power there are two extra radiators like you’d find in the Golf R, bigger brake discs with perforations to help disperse the heat more effectively and a slightly tweaked steering rack to help the car feel more direct on turn in. In terms of visual upgrades, the TCR receives a shin busting splitter on the front, an aggressive diffuser on the back a larger rear spoiler to complete the look.

Hexagon themed stickers are an option to make the TCR stand out further, as are a choice of 19-inch alloys and a set of Michelin Cup 2 tyres to give those front wheels the best chance of putting all that power down. The speed limiter has been pushed to 162mph now, matching the Renault Megane RS Trophy in the process.


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