Volvo V60 Cross Country Review

If you’re looking to upgrade to a Volvo V60 Cross Country, read our review now…

The Volvo V60 Cross Country is the perfect alternative to an SUV. The estate body can swallow an incredible amount of gear, an increase in ride height offers a commanding view over the road and standard all-wheel drive should keep you moving in even the toughest conditions. The V60 Cross Country is a car that makes you question why you’d buy an SUV at all…

That extra ride height is certainly useful, as, it doesn’t matter how good the tyres are if you keep scraping the car’s nose during off-road antics. You still won’t go as far away from the tarmac as a proper off-roader, but how many people buy a brand new 4x4 to push it to its limits off-road?

Driving Dynamics

As well as providing some extra height, the suspension has been tweaked to provide an exceptionally comfortable ride, even on Britain’s worst roads. In standard form, the V60 could never reach the dynamic capabilities of the Mercedes C-Class Estate or BMW 3-Series Touring. Instead Volvo have created a genuine alternative to the Germans by offering an incredible well-riding and relaxing car, perfect for soaking up long journeys.


Inside is business as usual for Volvo. A centre console dominated by a portrait touchscreen and two incredibly comfortable seats upfront. Space in the rear is surprisingly generous, with ample room for even the tallest adults. Meanwhile the boot is stocked with hooks and lashing points to secure loose loads and storage cubbies for smaller items are everywhere. This is a deeply practical car, even in this competitive market.

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