What to Do in A Roadside Emergency

From blown tyres to serious pile-ups; a roadside emergency is never expected, but you should always be prepared to react if one arises…

Flat Battery

While this is unlikely to happen when you’re out driving, a faulty alternator could leave you with a depleted battery. If you don’t have any jump leads, or you don’t have another car to connect to, you may be able to bump start your car with the help of a friend!

Sit in the driver’s seat with the handbrake on and the car in second gear, your foot on the clutch and the ignition switched fully on. Release the handbrake, keep your foot on the clutch, and get someone to push the car and build up as much speed as possible before releasing the clutch and pumping the accelerator – the car should judder into life and you can drive off to get a new battery.

Flat Tyre

Whether you’ve been the victim of a full blow-out on the road or you’ve noticed a slow puncture, changing a wheel is a life skill everyone should have. Here are seven steps to follow when you come to change your tyre:

1.       Make sure the car is on a flat, level surface

2.       Turn off the engine and apply the handbrake

3.       Take out the spare and any tools you’ll need

4.       ‘Crack’ and loosen the wheel nuts using the car’s wheel brace

5.       You can then remove the nuts and the wheel, before placing the spare wheel on

6.       Lower the jack until the wheel touches the ground

7.       Once the nuts are tightened and the wheel is secure


Tyres and batteries can be easily replaced, however if you fear bigger issues are on their way, why not trade your car in with us at Kent Car Buyer. See how much you could get for your current car with our online valuation form!