Why Us

Why Us

Why Kent Car Buyer?

The best price for your used car Guaranteed!

Why? Because you are selling direct to Kent's biggest Independent Used Car Retailer. This means when you are selling your car to us we are giving you a true trade value. Not a price less then trade value for other car buying services to then either auction or sell to another dealer for a quick buck. We buy your car at a true trade price to retail to the end user. Cut out the middle man and have the money in your pocket not theirs! People like dealing with People, right?

We value your vehicle personally and manually! We don't give computer generated prices and pluck a figure out of thin air! We spend time researching your vehicle and 9 times out of 10 we have similar vehicles for sale and know what they are worth so are always able to offer the best price.

The "book" price for your vehicle can often be considerably out, and that's why understanding the vehicles true value is essential. You can be sure that Kent Car Buyer can see the additional value in your car, the same way in which you do.

We really do buy any car!

We have no restrictions into the cars that we buy. We have requirements for all types of vehicles. We buy classic cars, prestige cars, sports and performance cars, family cars, small cars, big cars, ex fleet cars, 4x4's, Imports, Scrap Cars, Damaged Cars and even Insurance write off cars.

We can pay cash!

We can pay cash for your vehicle when selling to Kent Car Buyer. Unlike most car buying services this isn't an option. At best you get a bank transfer and if you want it the same day you have to pay an additional fee. In some instances, you can be waiting up to 5 days for your money!

No Fees

Absolutely no fees when selling your car to Kent Car Buyer. No handling fees, no payments fees, when we say NO FEES we mean it!


We will collect your car for FREE from your home or workplace at a time to suit you! We can even do evening collections with prior arrangement.


If you prefer we will pay you to deliver the vehicle to us! We will pay £1 per mile for you to deliver and this can often be the quickest way to sell your used car.